{about me }

·i am a libra

·i am 33 years old

·born and raised in philadelphia

·living in new york since 1994

·allergic to strawberries, apples, pears, peaches, plums, raw carrots

·got a cat when i was 10, had him til i was 28, when he passed away

·i like to take pictures

·i take them the old fashioned way, with film, and develop and print them in a darkroom

·unless i take them with my Powershot G2
·i always carry a notebook with me. always.

·i used to live in a 6th floor walk up on the upper east side

·now i live in harlem

·to pay the bills, i work for The Man

·i'm a grad student in creative writing

·i own way too much gay (male) porn

·Desperately Seeking Susan is my favorite movie

·i'm an only child raised by a single mom

·i was a film major in college

·i have a freckle on my eyeball

·i'm lately having an incredibly strong urge to roller skate to disco music

·i have never owned a car

·i have a tattoo of the sun on my left hand

·my mother and i lived in many different shitty apartments when i was growing up

·she recently was finally able to buy a house. it's beautiful. i wish we had it when i was a kid.